Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans: Save your key exec’s 401ks

Sinking 401k values are a large concern to key executives … and the companies seeking to hold on to their valuable people. Many are turning to nonqualified deferred compensation plans to offer alternative routes for retirement saving, even if the tax benefits are not as large. From Plansponsor:

Nine out of ten companies continue to offer an NQDCP, and over 80% indicate that their most important reason for doing so is to provide a vehicle for accumulating assets that can generate adequate retirement income. To this end, significantly more employers are offering financial planning services to help their executives maximize their nonqualified benefit opportunities and create sound investment strategies.

(PLANSPONSOR Executive Benefits Survey )

About thebenefitblog

Eric is a Producer at Lockton Insurance Brokers, Inc., the world’s largest privately held commercial broker. Eric has over 23 years of experience in the insurance industry and has spent the last 11 years with Lockton. Eric specializes in Health & Welfare Benefits, Retirement Planning, and Executive Benefits. Eric's clients utilize his expertise in the areas of Plan Due Diligence, Transaction Structure, Fiduciary Oversight, Investment Design, Compliance and Vendor negotiation to improve the operational & financial outcome for each client. The Benefit Blog is a place to share that expertise and industry news.
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