3 Great Op-Eds on health insurance

Marc Rodwin in HealthAffairsBlog: Congress Should Have The Latitude To Build On The Existing Insurance System

Excerpt: If Congress can create a public insurance program and require individuals to pay for it through their payroll taxes, why can’t it provide insurance to the public in a way that builds on existing private insurance?  Why can’t Congress require individuals to purchase insurance and subsidize the premiums of individuals who lack means?  Those who argue that this exceeds Congressional authority say the Constitution allows Congress to regulate commerce but not to require that citizens engage in commerce by mandating that they purchase insurance. More >>

Do You Need That Test? from The New York Times

Patients with comprehensive health insurance may not care much if needless tests are performed. But if health care costs continue to soar, patients will be shouldering more of the financial burden. And there can be serious health consequences from unnecessary treatment, including excess radiation, adverse drug effects, exposure to germs in medical institutions and even exploratory surgery or biopsies when scans produce a false positive. More >>

Child dentist

Courtesy of NY Daily News

Louis W. Sullivan in New York Times: Dental Insurance, but No Dentists

We have two years to prepare before millions of children will be entitled to access to dental care, and Alaska shows us the way forward. Access means more than having an insurance card; it means having professionals available to provide care. Public officials should foster the creation of these midlevel providers — and dentists should embrace the opportunity to broaden the profession so they can expand services to those in need. More >>

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