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Why ObamaCare Is Still No Sure Thing

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act won’t be fully repealed while Barack Obama is in office, but the administration is heavily dependent on the states for its implementation. Continue reading

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Implementing Health Reform: 3-Part Discussion

Thanks to Health Affairs blog for bringing this three-part insight into implementing new health reform guidelines at your business. Continue reading

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Improve retirement outcomes in DC plans

PlanAdvisor points out key factors borrowed from Defined Benefit plans that could allow Defined Contribution (DC) plans to enhance an individual retirement plan. Continue reading

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Are Alternative Health Benefits the Answer?

What exactly are the benefits of alternative health options? Can they really reduce cost? Here are two great articles from that help answer these questions. Continue reading

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Shedding light on Social Security

Simple but excellent points about your social security. A must read for everyone. Continue reading

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3 top Headlines about your 401(k)

Don’t be complacent about your 401(k). Take a peak at these three headlines to learn more about the questions you should ask and how you can begin answering them. Continue reading

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Be careful about where you get health benefit insurance

A legal battle between an educational-services organization and a small carrier serves as a cautionary tale for smaller companies. Continue reading

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