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Federal Health Site Stymied by Lack of Direction

Longtime agency computer experts with different bosses oversaw building the site’s software and hardware components Continue reading

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Insurers Meet With Obama Staff on Fixing Health Exchange

10 insurers met with the Obama administration to discuss correcting flaws in how data from the U.S. health-care marketplaces is transferred to the companies. Continue reading

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Social Security’s Real Retirement Age Is 70

Due to increases in Social Security’s Delayed Retirement Credit, the effective retirement age is now 70, with monthly benefits reduced for earlier claiming. Continue reading

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Summary of Legislative, Judicial and Regulatory Retirement News

The IRS released an update to its Priority Guidance Plan for 2013-2014, listing those issues that will be the subject of formal guidance during the next year. Continue reading

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Presentation: Health Reform Turbocharges Corporate Wellness Programs

Health Reform Turbocharges Corporate Wellness Programs Continue reading

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National Health Expenditure Projections: Slow Growth Until Economy Improves

Health spending growth through 2013 is expected to remain slow because of the sluggish economic recovery, continued increases in cost-sharing requirements for the privately insured, and slow growth for public programs. Continue reading

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An employer guide to the government shutdown

The Society for Human Resource Management pulled together an extensive list of what’s working and what’s not during the shutdown. Continue reading

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