An employer guide to the government shutdown

When the government shuts down, the pain points pop up all over, sometimes in unanticipated places.

The Society for Human Resource Management pulled together an extensive list of what’s working and what’s not during the shutdown. SHRM especially cautions government contractors to be ready to furlough employees dedicated to federal work, but also to make sure they don’t run afoul of wage and hour rules that still apply.

By government agency, here’s the list:

National Labor Relations Board

What’s shut down: Investigations, taking complaints, hearings and elections, docketing of petitions and charges, federal litigation, workplace dispute resolution, employee-union dispute resolution, myriad remedial actions.

What’s not shut down: The Office of Inspector General hot line.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

What’s shut down: No calls from the public to staff; charges will not be investigated; no federal court litigation; no mediations or federal-sector hearings; no decisions will be made in federal employees’ appeals of discrimination complaints; no outreach and education; no FOIA requests will be processed.

What’s not shut down: “Only activities involving the safety of human life or the protection of property will continue.” Charges that must be filed in order to preserve the rights of a claimant during a shutdown will be accepted but not investigated; new discrimination grievances and appeals will be docketed; lawsuits will be litigated where a continuance has not been granted; new charges will be reviewed to determine whether prompt judicial action is necessary and, if appropriate, an action will be filed for preliminary relief; maintain the integrity and viability of EEOC’s information systems.

See the full list via BenefitsPro

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