Surprise Bills for Many Under Health Law

via Wall Street Journal

Kelly Dignam of York, Maine, learned after getting a colonoscopy at Portsmouth Regional Hospital in New Hampshire that not all of the members of her medical team were in-network, resulting in unexpected medical bills.

Many consumers with health coverage through the Affordable Care Act are facing unexpected medical bills that in some cases greatly exceed the law’s caps on out-of-pocket expenses.

The law’s limits don’t apply to charges from out-of-network providers, and many insurance plans sold on ACA exchanges have limited networks—amplifying the risk of surprise bills.

Health plans offered by employers also have been slimming down the number of doctors and hospitals in their networks. But what have come to be known as narrow networks are more prevalent in plans offered on the health law’s exchanges, one tactic insurers are using to curtail costs because they can’t exclude consumers with existing medical conditions..

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