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Worried about retirement? Life insurance may not be the answer

If you’re thinking life insurance payments may help fund your retirement, that strategy may be flawed. Continue reading

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Long-Term Care: What Now?

Long-Term Care: What Now?  By KELLY GREENE (from Wall Street Journal) Shopping for long-term-care insurance? You should expect higher costs and a tougher approval process as a growing number of household-name insurers quit selling the policies. Prudential Financial PRU +0.63% … Continue reading

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What Changing Retirement Structures Mean to You – 2 Important Studies

You can read all day about the changes occurring in the ways we save for retirement, in the funding of Medicare, in the predicted bankruptcy of Social Security. You can find a depth of information on what economists think will … Continue reading

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Closing the “Life Insurance Gap” (via Plan Adviser)

The life insurance gap – or the number of people who go without life insurance – is growing. Some speculate this could be affecting the number of foreclosed homes in the marketplace, but the impact of the gap spreads beyond … Continue reading

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